Prophetess Joyce Mason

Prophetess Joyce Mason’s life was impacted early by God and quickly realized that her life was set apart for a special purpose.  At an early age the “hand of the Lord” divinely secured her protection.  Her call into the ministry was witnessed to and attested by powerful men and women of God.  Called to operate with the “evangelistic” anointing, Prophetess Mason honed her skills of bringing the loss to Christ through her powerful and fervent prayer life.

Prophetess Mason received her indoctrination in holiness and sanctification from her days spent in the Pentecostal church.  Her ministry attests to her Pentecostal influence as her messages prompt the hearers to forsake the ways of this world and to return to the Lord our God. She is an anointed gift assigned to the “body of Christ,” who divinely inspires through the powerful revelation received from within the Holy Scriptures!  She has been endowed by God with the supernatural ability to transforms people’s lives through her dynamic preaching and teaching.

Possessing over 25 years of ministerial experience, she functions under the anointing as an intercessor, preacher and teacher the Word of God as well as a prophetic psalmist. God has equipped her with the gift of “discerning of spirits,” outlined in 1 Corinthians 12:10.  She possesses a keen awareness and understanding of spiritual warfare.

Prophetess Mason’s prophetic preaching exposes the tactics of demon forces and renders “the agents of Satan,” powerless and ineffective through the manifest power of God. She’s been anointed to deliver people from satanic influence and oppression.  Prophetess Mason wears a heavy mantle from God to promote sanctification (being set apart) and holiness as a way of life.  God has gifted her as a powerful intercessor with the anointing to break the yoke in the lives of others.  Her life is a testament as “one” who’s totally yielded and submitted to God.

Prophetess Mason was licensed in 1998 and ordained as an elder in 2005. She accepted her call to the Prophetic office in March 2014.  She stands alongside her husband as they shepherd God’s flock at Touch by the Word Ministries located in Huntsville, Alabama.​